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Good Product for a Good Planet.



We’re committed to making contributions to the aspirational goal of a circular economy through reusable products, material choices and smart packaging. We design for the environment to eliminate single-use products and to reduce waste.

More than  50 million reusable Hydro Flask bottles  are in the hands of our consumers globally, significantly reducing single-use bottles and waste.

Our first recycled-content product the Slingback Bottle Pack,  crafted with 100% recycled polyester body, air mesh and ripstop lining, debuted in 2022. 

We  eliminated single-use plastic packaging for more than 90%  of our products. That equates to 13 million single-use plastic bottles.¹

Thoughtfully Designed Packaging

When we set out to overhaul our packaging, we knew it would be a challenge. Hydro Flask USA has an internal team dedicated to overcoming packaging obstacles. In an informed and creative way, through hiccups and bumps, wins and surprises, our new packaging debuted in 2022.

download (5).svg__PID:fd05b800-bb0a-4656-b699-9cbd93177f3d

A minimum of 80% recycled content


Paper packaging from well-managed forests

(FSC Certified)

download (1).svg__PID:3d0533d8-1cc7-4b1b-8d78-9cd8b68c1023

Soy-based inks

No foils or varnishes

download (2).svg__PID:0533d81c-c77b-4bcd-b89c-d8b68c10239a

Recyclable packaging


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(1) Assuming the average 500mL single use plastic water bottle weighs approximately 9.3 grams, as reported by the Beverage Marketing Corporation. (2) Based on a 2020 baseline, Hydro Flask USA is adhering to the Science Based Target initiative reduction goals set up by parent company, Helen of Troy. (3) Based on a 2021 baseline, Hydro Flask is adhering to the Science Based Target initiative reduction goals set up by parent company, Helen of Troy.